Print Material: Process Workflow

Information Gathering

-          Have client sent the information?

-          Is this information is sufficient?

-          If not, what information is required?

  • Number of Designs to present
  • Color range
  • Sample / benchmarks which client is interested in
  • Other…

-          Finalizing the information

  • How many Designs to be sent
  • Print Design includes (Stationary, cards, letter head, logo, billboard, etc…)
  • Sizes of the printings

-          Send the finalized information to client for approval


-          Dividing work in smaller tasks

-          Write all tasks with each and every detail

-          Provide reference materials and samples

-          Allocate Time durations for each task

-          Allocate resources (who is going to do which task)

-          Create a timeline for 1st draft

-          Inform client about the 1st draft’s time line

-          Compile a MS Project file or DOT PROJECT for tracking the tasks Read More…

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