Programming Guidelines: How to program

Define Programming Languages

First select a programming environment to work on, the coder must know the limitations, cons and pros of the language, and must know how to use the language. If he don’t know what can be done with this programming language it is useless to use the language.

Look for already done code / libraries / classes

Check the codebase for already created code / libraries / classes to use them in the new projects and to improve the project’s coding. If codebase don’t have the functions and classes which you are seeking for, create your own files and classes to store the functions or group of functions, as they will keep the specific code separate from the original code, and also can be re-used, in any other website for the same functionality.

Finalize the Design and CSS before you go for real coding.

For small projects or simple HTML pages, finalizing the design and CSS before development of the website will save time of development, and for large projects, although it is not possible in some cases that we get a design completed with all the CSS needed, as we may need new elements and CSS classes as we proceed developing the website. But it is wise to complete as much design and CSS elements as possible before starting the development, as this will save the time in future. Read More…

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A Better File Management : Tips and Techniques

File Names

  1. Keep File names short
  2. If necessary use abbreviations. e.g.
    • Management = MGT
    • Accounting = ACTG
    • Market = MKT
    • Dynamic Online Systems = DOS
    • Microsoft = MS
    • Etc.
  3. Use Date in the document name. (Only for individual files, which are not linked like webpages). i.e. dosstationary-21-02-2001, dosstationary(21-02-2001).
  4. Keep file names bellow 27 characters.
  5. Use same text case (lower / upper) for the files in a same folder. Preferred to keep all the files in lower case.
  6. Don’t use underscores, spaces etc. in file names.
  7. If you need to break the rule, be consistent about it.

Folder Structure

  1. Keep names short
  2. Nest folders within folders
  3. Separate ongoing and completed work
  4. Store like with like. (same file type in a separate folder, like all images in one folder for a project)

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Web Designing

NOTE: This information is gathered from different sources over internet few days back, and i dont remember the sources yet. Copyrighted material is belongs to the actual owner, and i don’t own this information.

Web Design Guidelines

-          Web Designs can be created in any designing application, as it is not necessary to use the vectors or the simple jpegs.

-          Best approach for creating web designs is to work on Adobe Photoshop, as it is easy to maintain the layers.

-          Important to note that we should aim for less download time for the all the pages.

-          Use the image format according to requirements in this order. JPEG, GIF, and PNG as last.

-          Gather the information for the website layout from the client.

Web Page Template

-          Select a design theme and pattern

-          All images and layouts should be 72 DPI and use the RGB colorspace.

-          Include a site color palette example with the layout. Below is an example of a color palette. When creating a webpage layout, knock up the design grid first in Illustrator, then a color palette on a hidden layer for fast color selection.

-          Keep site consistent throughout. Don’t have a different background color on every page, or a different navigation scheme. Try to have at least one small icon or logo on every page on your site, somewhere at the top preferably, so that people will know they are still at your site. Read More…

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