A Better File Management : Tips and Techniques

File Names

  1. Keep File names short
  2. If necessary use abbreviations. e.g.
    • Management = MGT
    • Accounting = ACTG
    • Market = MKT
    • Dynamic Online Systems = DOS
    • Microsoft = MS
    • Etc.
  3. Use Date in the document name. (Only for individual files, which are not linked like webpages). i.e. dosstationary-21-02-2001, dosstationary(21-02-2001).
  4. Keep file names bellow 27 characters.
  5. Use same text case (lower / upper) for the files in a same folder. Preferred to keep all the files in lower case.
  6. Don’t use underscores, spaces etc. in file names.
  7. If you need to break the rule, be consistent about it.

Folder Structure

  1. Keep names short
  2. Nest folders within folders
  3. Separate ongoing and completed work
  4. Store like with like. (same file type in a separate folder, like all images in one folder for a project)

You can follow couple of folder structure techniques

  1. Creating a Parent Folder for each project (Folder Name: Project Title), create sub bolder of Archive, and put all the archived files in there (how to archive is described later in this document) Create a folder under the parent folder with CURRENT WORK, latest or something as you like with the current files which you are working on.
  2. Create different folders with dates in the name, for taking backup of large files, like webpages and programs.
  3. Create a single folder with multiple files (file names should have dates) incase if file to work on is single one, e.g. Single page design, or some document of scope for any project.

Making Archives and Taking Backups

For tacking backups and maintaining daily archives, WIN RAR is very handy tool.

  1. Select the folder you want to take backup of.
  2. Click on “Add to archive…”
  3. Give a name to you archive according to “FILE NAMES” section of this document, always put DATE in the file name
  4. Select “Time” tab in “Archive name and parameters” window of WIN RAR
  5. Select “Newer than” option from the drop down in the “Files to process” section
  6. Write 1 in “days” text input box.
  7. Click “OK”

This process will add all the files which are modified within last 24 hours into the archive, with complete folder structure and names, and leaving all the older files behind, making a complete update archive of newly worked files.

Upload this archive in Backup Folder for your project on main server.

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