A trip to heaven

A relaxed mind tends to be more efficient and can perform better. But a continuous hectic routine can lead to a decrease in productivity. Therefore, one needs to relax and reset his brain to wash away all the stress.

Travelling is a proven stress reliever and broadens the mind.  It takes you out of your daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences and can reset your body and mind.

An official trip to Kashmir was organized as we wanted our team to have a break and relax. It was a short trip though but the fun was quite big. We traveled all the way to the LOC (Line of Control) that is Pak India Border. We visited Keran, Upper Neelum, Ratti Gali lake and Pir Chinasi.

“Kashmir is a heaven on earth”. We had also listened to this, but as soon as we crossed the Kohala bridge, the bridge that connects Pakistan with Azad Kashmir, this claim began to prove itself. The lush green valleys, gigantic mountains, pleasing waterfalls, wonderful glaciers were truly scenic and made us feel that we are truly in heaven.

Our first destination was Ratti Gali Lake. Ratti Gali Lake is a glacial lake situated at a height of around 12,000 feet. It is truly said that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. The 18km jeep track was equally savage and pleasing. The next stop was Pir Chinasi. Pir Chinasi is a shrine and a tourist spot located 30kms away from the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. The views from the top touched our hearts and the serenity and washed away our stress.

The trip was really a fun-filled experience and we enjoyed it to the max we could. We learned a lot of lessons from our trip but the most significant was that most times fear is not only fear and that the majority of our fears are not even actual fears.

With this lesson, our trip came to an end and the result was peace of mind. The team is more focused now and we have seen an exponential increase in efficiency. Thus, it has been concluded that such a trip should be organized at least once a year.

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