COVID 19 – A pandemic striking us all

Life has a funny way of working out just when you start to believe IT NEVER WILL – COVID-19, the global pandemic, originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan. It spread at an unmatched pace destroying the order of the world. Nobody had predicted that this disease would become killer of thousands of people while snatching jobs from thousands more.

As soon as the lockdown was imposed, companies started shutting down their offices. On one hand companies started laying off their employees including tech giants and on the other hand some of them went for a cut in salaries. Owing to such trends, AA’LA Solutions for once also thought to carry a similar strategy. It was then everything was critically evaluated and was decided that the company will push itself to the limits in order to protect its employees. As soon as the lockdown was imposed, the company shifted all our day to day activities online and maintained our operations in the most efficient way we could. We took the help of various tech tools to assist ourselves in maintaining the company procedures. Although we faced some difficulties in doing so, but who didn’t?

After every autumn, there is surely a spring. Our spring came as the lockdown was lifted and the office routine was resumed. We were happy that our claim “AA’LA Solutions isn’t just a company, it’s a family” was proven. We successfully managed not to let go any of employee just because of the pandemic which brought a lot of companies to their knees.

Therefore, to boost our morale and be more energetic, we had a formal, suited booted day to be specific, on 24th of November. Although such days are a part of our company but this one was special as we wanted to shed off all the negativity really soon that is to be found in the country.

From CEO to the internee, everyone came to the office with a huge smile on their faces and dressed up the best they could. We had fun and enjoyed to the maximum we could. The day ended with laughter giving a lesson that how one can manage to live through the gloomy times and negate the psychological impacts of COVID. It is noteworthy to mentions that a stress-free work environment is really important both for clients and the team. For a client, such atmosphere gives him the confidence that AA’LA solutions is truly the best option he could go with and can put his trust in our services.

The Post COVID world as predicted by the analysts is going to be very different than it was. At this moment the second wave of Corona virus is swinging its sword on our heads. But AA’LA Solutions has returned with more enthusiasm than it had before. It has set on a journey of remarkable success and in order to achieve that has welcomed new employees on-board and is even looking for more.

While we can’t predict the feature but one thing is certain that AA’LA Solutions will not leave its employees alone. We believe it is the team that makes a company and without a team, a company has no existence. On this principle we will do whatever we could for our employees. As mentioned before, we have expanded our team and are looking for more talent. With this we are pretty hopeful that we will overcome this disaster and will continue our journey towards the triumph.

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