Do you require a project manager for your project?

Although there are a lot of people out there who believe that hiring a manager for a project includes extra cost but they completely ignore the importance of having a project manager. In this article, I’ll be highlighting the need for project management for a web/mobile app development project.


Clients generally want to have all the features at once in their web/mobile app. They are generally not guided and therefore it can cause things to become a little difficult for the developer. The project manager plays a very important role here. He/She let the client know which of the features need to be included in the first release, which of them should be delayed for the upcoming releases, and which of them are not useful. It will not be wrong to say that with project management, a direction is provided to the project and it is strategically aligned with the objectives of the client.

Effective Communication:

One of the major benefits of project management is effective communication that takes place between the development team and the client, where a project manager acts as a bridge between the two. Team performance is directly proportional to consistent communication which is not possible without effective project management. In case of a communication breakdown, there is a high chance that the project will fail.

Quality Control:

We all want our deliverables to be of high quality, right? With effectual project management, this is certainly achievable. Without a project manager, meeting deadlines becomes really difficult and both the development team and the client go through a bad experience. A project manager takes all the pressure on his shoulders and ensures that the project is delivered on time. He/She also makes sure that the project is of high quality and identifies if there are any bugs thus delivering the best quality to the client.  


As organization and planning are an important part of project management, clarity in objectives is achieved from the very beginning. It keeps away the team from slowing down during the development phase and also buys time in case of unforeseen circumstances. Not only this clarity is good for the team, but it also results in customer satisfaction.

Experience-based time management:

Project Managers hold great experience in handling projects of various complexities. They are prone to all kinds of pressures and are able to deliver under tight deadlines. Their experience enables them to follow those practices which are fruitful and are a sure way to achieve success. In addition to this, their experience helps them to manage the time as per the task which paves the path for successful project completion.

Having a project manager might not look as important as it is. But the advantages stated above make it certain that in the longer run, it actually saves you from a lot of issues and provides on-time successful delivery of the project. Therefore Project Management should always be given keen attention and should not be considered as an option for a project but as a necessity. 

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