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If You Read One Article About Formal Day With Work Families Read this One

14th February at AA’LA Solutions cameas a trend setter. Being Valentine day it was supposed to be about love and respect we show to our significant others, but what about our work family? The people with whom we spend more than 8 hours daily. They become a big part of our lives and attain a separate place in our hearts. AA’LA solutions decided to value just that by celebrating Formal Day on 14th February 2018.

Being a software house, routine dressing in the office is kept a bit on the casual side. It was therefore decided by the office authorities to celebrate “Formal Day”, on 14th February. The entire team was informed to wear full formal attire on the said day. The decision was met by positive nods but soon the horror set in; “How will we maintain a formal attire for 8 hours straight?”

Also some bachelors in our office repeatedly insisted on taking pictures with the entire group on Formal Day.  Yes, getting this dressed up on Valentines Day and telling families that your office conveniently announced a formal day wasn’t just going to do it for anyone. We needed evidence to support our alibi.

Lo and behold, 14th Feb came and undoubtedly succeeded in becoming one of the most memorable day for the entire team. As each member entered through the office door, there would be an acknowledging stare among us, followed by a smile. That day, the atmosphere of the office was uplifting.

Everyone praised each other’s dressing and complements were well received. It was a positive change in the office and we all appreciated it.  The day was followed by several activities where the staff posed for an informal photo shoot and some other fun activities.

Maintaining our attire was a task in itself but soon we adjusted to the fact and moved along with our work. We had a lot to look forward too, especially the pictures of the photo-shoot. We took a long a break on 14th Feb and went up to the buildings’ roof to enjoy the awesome weather, as it was a very windy day and also to continue our photo-shoot.

Everyone took turns taking each other’s pictures, we improvised our poses and created some hilarious ones. We took team jump pictures, did the business men pose and tried elevation for our group shoots and so on.

The mere height of the rooftop (9 stories) and the weather up there was a sight to behold, thank goodness none of us had acrophobia. Also wind at such heights in Lahore can be quite strong and this only complemented our pictures. We completed our shoot in about half an hour and then moved back down to our office.

Once back in office we started reviewing our pictures, that episode in itself, went hilarious to say the least. Seeing our teammates with funny looks on their faces during jump pictures to seeing them formally posing all business like, was a riot. Somehow we found it indeed funny and enjoyed reviewing them. That day even normal day conversations and dialogues will get us crack up laughing, the mere happiness in small things can result in overall happy office environment.

Time flew and the day ended way too early for us. We shared our experiences of the day with and acknowledged that we were all looking forward for the next formal day, as this tradition was to be made a monthly affair. We now look forward to third Wednesday of every month, the day when we will all again celebrate Formal Day.

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