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Design Guidelines

–          What Formats to Work on

  • Artwork designed in Corel Draw 12 with fonts converted to curves or InDesign CS3 with fonts converted are preferred. Be aware though that jpegs and tiffs are images vs. vectors which are used in drawing programs such as InDesign and Corel Draw.

–          Page Size & Layout

  • When designing your artwork, create a single file in your layout program for all your pages (do not create a new file for each page). While designing, make your page size that of the final trim size, do not insert “crop marks” or “printer’s marks”.
  • Prepare vector art, such as a company logo, in a Draw program like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Freehand. Save these images as EPS files and import them into the page layout.
  • If you want graphic objects or backgrounds to print to the edge of the page, these should be made to extend 3mm beyond the edge of the page in the layout. This is called bleed. The overlapping 3mm will be trimmed off, but if it’s not there in the first place, slight inaccuracies in cutting could leave a thin white border along one or more edges of the page.
  • Keep all the text and pictures that do not bleed at least 5mm away from your trim size or fold lines on each side (in business cards bookmarks and Greeting Cards, this can be reduced to 2mm).
  • The table below sets out some of our products with their trim size (finished size) bleed size and text frame (text margin). For any layouts not included in this table, just use the guidelines above or send us a mail and we will help you set up the margins.



Finished Size

Bleed Size

Text Frame

Business Cards


90mm x 50mm

96mm x 56mm

86mm x 46mm

Credit Card

85mm x 55mm

91mm x 61mm

81mm x 51mm



297m x 210mm

303mm x 216mm

287mm x 200mm


210mm x 148mm

216mm x 154mm

200mm x 138mm


148mm x 105mm

154mm x 111mm

138mm x 95mm


210mm x 99mm

216mm x 105mm

200mm x 89mm



1189mm x 840mm

1195mm x 846mm

1179mm x 830mm


840mm x 594mm

846mm x 600mm

830mm x 584mm


594mm x 420mm

600mm x 426mm

584mm x 410mm


420mm x 297mm

426mm x 303mm

410mm x 287mm



180mm x 50mm

186mm x 56mm

176mm x 46mm

Greeting Cards


158mm x 90mm

164mm x 96mm

154mm x 86mm


184mm x 104mm

190mm x 110mm

180mm x 100mm

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