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Frontend Full-Stack Developers

Full stack development refers to the development of both front end and back end portions of an application.

Companies are demanding full stack developers who are proficient in working across multiple stacks

ExpertiseExperience (in years)Estimated Price (per month)
Junior Full Stack Developer1+$2,000
Mid-Level Full Stack Developer2+$3,000
Senior Full Stack Developer4+$5,000
Full Stack Grandmaster6+$7,000

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile app development has become an ultimate need of today’s hour. A number of businesses are now preferring to port their existing web or desktop applications to mobile apps. However, it is quite a challenging job for mobile app developers to develop or port an application due to many reasons including varying operating systems, UX designs, hardware capabilities etc. Hence, you require special mobile app development team to assist you to complete your next big dream

ExpertiseExperience (in years)Estimated Price (per month)
Junior Developer1+$2,000
Mid-Level Developer2+$3,000
Senior Developer4+$5,000
Mobile Grandmaster6+$7,000

PHP Developers

Agencies can hire a PHP developer from AA’LA Solutions on a part-time or full-time basis based on their need. The company signs an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to assure the confidentiality of the idea, customer information, and other sensitive business data of its customers.

AA’LA has a team of experienced Laravel programmers that have been benefiting various companies with its Laravel services. As a result, you are assured you would get best developers from us.

ExpertiseExperience (in years)Estimated Price (per month)
Junior PHP Developer1+$2,000
Mid-Level PHP Developer2+$3,000
Senior PHP Developer4+$4,500
PHP Grandmaster6+$6,000