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The AdoptionLink is a social network platform that connects birth parents with others looking to adopt children. Through the AdoptionLink ,Users will be given access to tools and a network to communicate with other Users.

Their creativity met with reality through AA’LA solutions’ custom-made development. Adoptionlink requisites are beautifully crafted; catering to their custom operational, UX and UI needs. The web-based app, caters to Adoptionlink extensive operational demands, while maintaining, updating and handling massive data 

Overall business development has been infused with the web-app, collectively holding modules of accounts,  client management and so forth. Continuing our ambition to craft one-stop solutions for our clients, we have developed the project to sustain and become self-supporting. In addition to all aforementioned features, the system is equally able to send and receive emails, generate reports.


Features and Technologies

    • Ember JS
    • Laravel
    • API Authentication
    • Backend CMS
    • Stripe Subscription and Payment Gateway Integration