Book Corner


One stop shop for every reader 

Technologies used 

    • PHP/Laravel
    • Ember 3.4.3
    • CMS
    • Custom Responsive Design
    • Custom Dashboard for Order processing

Book Corner is a locally owned and operated book store in Pakistan. In addition to this, it offers online services all over the Pakistan. It is a publishing platform that represents large number of publishers to innovate way they serve their customers. Above all, Book Corner encourages the reading habit in Pakistan.

Their creativity met with reality through AA’LA solutions’ custom-made development. Book Corner requisites are beautifully crafted resulting in catering to their custom operational, UX and UI needs. The web-based app, caters to Book Corner extensive operational demands, while maintaining, updating and handling massive data.

Overall business development infused with the web-app, provide collectively holding modules of accounts, client management and so forth. Continuing our ambition to craft one-stop solutions for our clients, we have developed the project to sustain therefore becoming self-supporting. In addition to all aforementioned features, the system is equally able to send and receive emails, generate reports.