CCL Pharma AR App

CCL Pharma has now arrived with an Augmented Reality App, which will give a visual representation to a doctor. The solution will therefore bring a lot of ease to medical representatives around the globe.

Now you won’t ever forget your medicines details, download this app and it will help you during visit to a doctor.

Medicine inventory app by Aala solutions

Without a doubt, all you need is to just show the medicine in augmented reality via using the app. This will show a detailed information of the product with live demo via app. Subsequently, it will show the behavior of the medicine. Consequently, it will provide the doctor with a better understanding about the product and its formulation, daily dosage, the amount available and much more.

A simple yet a functional app by Aa’la Solutions, that includes:

1. Animated  Medicine.
2. Multiple Target object.
3. Detailing about the product.
4. Screenshot and download target from web.

Download it now!

Languages supported: English

Technology used:

  • Unity 3d
  • Augmented reality