Consumer Break

Consumer Break is a game designed to entertain you in your spare time. You can also earn money just by playing it and completing the challenges.

In this game, you may compete with other players to solve quick-moving jigsaw puzzles and win sponsored prizes like cash and items, or you can complete puzzles to earn NFTs, coupons, and other perks.

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Choose a game to play. To rank higher, complete the game’s stages. You have up to ten tries to obtain your quickest time score for the Competition Level, the last game level.

Any game’s information and prize breakdown can be seen by tapping the “I” icon. While “Contest” games are currently only available in the United States (must accept GPS location to verify), they may include prizes awarded to top scores, specific leaderboard placements, or a drawing giveaway where each play attempt equals 1 entry.

“Arcade” games are available worldwide and may have play-to-earn rewards.

Each game’s thumbnail displays the time left or the play goal. Final leaderboards are displayed on our Winners page when the event is over, and rewards are made through PayPal, email contacts, or NFT drop links in Discord.

Keep an eye out for more sponsored games in the future! The explosive growth of and in 2020 saw over $100,000 in spending on merchandise and sponsored games. Enable push notifications to get alerted when new games are launched!

Consumer Break is a game developed by Aa’la Solutions. It has the following features:

Solve the puzzle.
Earn prizes
Get the leader bandaged.
Use your Paypal account, email contacts to collect the prizes.

Technologies used:

React Native
Payment Gateway – PayPal