Lapchi Carpets

Lapchi has been in hand-woven carpet business for over twenty-five years, dealing with clients from Europe and USA. It has undoubtedly proven itself to produce the best hand-woven carpets. For this reason clients have always put their trust in Lapchi and in return Lapchi put their trust in us.

Their creativity met with reality through AA’LA solutions’ custom-made development. Lapchi’ requisites are beautifully crafted; catering to their custom operational, UX and UI needs. The web-based app, caters to Lapchi’ extensive operational demands, while maintaining, updating and handling massive data that adheres to carpet weaving process. The data includes carpet pattern, color variation, length, width, yarn estimation, on fly image generation, and completion status are some of them.

Overall business development infused with the web-app, provided collectively holding modules of accounts, client management and so forth. Continuing our ambition to craft one-stop solutions for our clients, we have developed the project to sustain therefore becoming self-supporting. In addition to all aforementioned features, the system is equally able to send and receive emails, generate reports in PDF, excel and other formats.

Features and Technologies
  • Ember JS
  • Laravel
  • API Authentication
  • Runtime PDF Generation
  • Runtime Xlsx Reports with formulas intact
  • Shipment Tracking