Noclot Library app is developed with a purpose to help the doctors and physicians by providing them with a large collection of books.

A library of its own kind in the form of Noclot Library, gives them access to a massive compilation of publications. 

Medicine inventory app by Aala solutions

The user has to install the app and a whole world of publications dedicated for doctors is revealed. The fascinating design of NOCLOT library attracts the user and one don’t face any issue while scrolling through the app.

The beautiful designs of NOCLOT Library offer an amazing User Interface and User Experience as per what the client wants. The requisites of the app are developed accordingly and is made capable to handle such a large collection of books while ensuring that the app works seamlessly. The union of client’s creativity met AALA Solutions’ mastery and together we came up with this remarkable app

We developed the app while incorporating all the principles of business development. Continuing our ambition to craft one-stop solutions for our clients, we have developed the project to sustain therefore becoming self-supporting.

A simple yet a functional app by Aa’la Solutions, that includes:


  • Books organized under various heads
  • E-books that can be viewed and downloaded
  • A request form to request a book
  • Routinely addition of books

Tech Stack:

  • React Native 
  • Laravel