Online Blood Donors Database

PAKBLOOD-Online Blood Donors Database

PAKBLOOD-Online Blood Donors Database

Pakblood, is a part of AA’LA Solutions social responsibility effort. It is the first of its kind and still stands as the pioneer of innovation in the technology used. Register to donate blood and most importantly, find donors with ease of mind.

Get in touch directly or through registered organization to schedule appointments with our secure system. Besides this, maintain your bleed history and socialize with other donors by sharing your blood-donation stories/pictures. Upcoming features includes, locating available donors in your vicinity, tracking donor and receiver disaster alerts. Donating blood has been made easier than ever.

Registering as an Organization:
Pakblood lets an organization to register as a donor entity, with the name of organization, address, email and phone number. This boosts the organizations’ donor database and its accessibility to receivers. By doing so, the overall blood donation process is made efficient and sustaining in an hour of crisis.

Registering as a donor:
A donor can simply register by entering their vital details such as name, phone number, location and blood type.

Bleed History:
A donor / organization can keep their bleed history and catalogue. The details of their donations with receivers’ name, location, date and a personal comment as a result are stored. Besides having a record, the organization can have the data for future usage

A user can connect with the donor community just by sharing a picture/story of their donation. Complete details with the location of donation and details of the transfusion are shown on the app.

Furthermore, to establish instant trust between a donor and a receiver, tracking feature is being developed. It will show all the potential donors in a selected neighborhood and after a donor has accepted a request, they can be tracked by the receiver via their mobiles.

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